Provider and Claims Information:

Q: Where can I get a list of providers in my area?

A: Visit our website and enter your city and state for a complete list of providers in your area. You may also contact us at 1-800-350-3989.

Q: Can I still visit any dentist I choose?
A: Yes, though the savings may be greater if you visit one of our participating doctors.

Q: What is the advantage to visiting a provider on the list?
A: AlwaysCare has contracted with a number of doctors who have agreed to charge a lesser amount for services, which means less out of pocket expense for you.

Q: Where can I obtain a claim form?
A: You can request a claim form by calling us at 1-800-350-3989.

Q: What is the mailing address for claims?
A: Cypress Ancillary Benefits, Attn Claims Department, 7510 Shoreline Drive, Suite A-1, Stockton, CA 95219.

Q: Can I check claim status?
A: Yes, our customer service department (1-800-850-3989 Option 1) will be glad to check claim status for you.

Q: What are the frequencies on procedures?
A: This will depend on your particular plan. Frequencies can be found in your policy or contact Customer Service at 1-800-350-3989 Option 1.

Q: Can I get a breakdown of my benefits?
A: Yes. We can fax or mail your breakdown of benefits.  Call 1-800-350-3989 Option 1.

Q: Is my plan a policy year or calendar year?
A: Your AlwaysDental policy has a policy year.  Your policy begins on the first of the month when you enroll and ends 365 days from that effective date.  Your renewal date is every 365 days from your original effective date.

Q: My schedule of benefits shows I can only have one tooth restoration or crown per 7 years.  What does this mean?
A: Your AlwaysDental policy allows for one tooth restoration or crown per tooth every 7 years.  This does not mean you are only allowed one crown per 7 years, but rather only one crown per that same particular tooth every 7 years.

Billing and Administrative Questions

Q: How do I get another dental/vision card?
A: Contact us via e-mail contact form or call us at our toll free number (1-800-350-3989). Provide your name and member ID number and we will mail another card. If you have had a recent change of address, please provide that as well.

Q: What methods of payment of premium do you accept?
A: We accept automatic deduction from a checking account or credit card payment.  You have a choice of paying monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually.  There are no billing, enrollment, credit card or association fees.

Q: What if I would prefer to be mailed a bill and pay via check for my premium?
A: Unfortunately at this time, we are not set up to send out bills and accept personal checks for premium payment.  Should this method of payment be added in the future, we will contact our existing customers of this added billing method.