Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)

Group dental plans offering benefits both in and out of network.

EPO and PPO networks are available for in-network services providing substantial savings to the member. 
  • First Dental Health (EPO & PPO network)
  • DenteMax (PPO network)

Out of network benefits are based on Usual & Customary (UCR) or a fee schedule, depending on plan design.

In addition, the Cypress Hybrid plan is an option available on PPO plans which allows members on a monthly basis to switch from a PPO plan to a DHMO plan to maximize benefits and savings.

Prepaid / Dental HMO (DHMO)

Cypress Prepaid/Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO) plans are offered through LIBERTY Dental plan or Dental Health Services to encourage preventive dental care.

Dentists in these Prepaid/DHMO plan networks provide services for a pre-negotiated price. Out-of-network services aren't covered except in an emergency.

This DHMO offering is limited to California employees only.


Group vision plans offered through MESVision and Superior Vision provide members with access to the broadest network of ophthalmologists, optometrists, and most regional and national optical retail chain locations in-network to get their eye exams and prescription materials. This emphasis on choice lets members lower their out-of-pockets costs.