AlwaysDental At Last!    Affordable Quality Dental and Vision Coverage for You and Your Family with No Waiting Periods for as Low as $27.60 Per Month


AlwaysDentalSM is available to you as an individual, senior or family insurance benefit. This program offers coverage for routine twice-annual exams and hundreds of common dental procedures. Also included is an annual vision exam performed by a licensed ophthalmologist or optometrist ($35 allowance with no deductible; one visit per year).

Freedom of Choice
Choose any dental provider or visit one of over 144,000 participating provider access points in the network and pay even less.  Visit our Provider Directories page for a listing of participating providers.

Easy to Get
If you are age 19 and above, simply complete a Dental Insurance Application. Your acceptance is guaranteed! Applications are accepted via mail, email or fax for coverage on the 1st of the month.

Flexible and Affordable
We offer many different coverage options: Individual; Individual & Spouse; One-Parent Family; or Two-Parent Family. Plus, you choose the billing option that’s most convenient for you.  Premiums are based on your attained age at enrollment date.

There’s no guesswork. All you do is present your card and, in most cases, your dentist will submit your claim (or you may send it to us). For preventive care and basic and major dental services, coverage begins the very first day. No waiting for any procedures!


Just $50 per year for each covered family member (Maximum 3 per family).

Benefit Year Maximum

$1,000 per year for each covered family member (Applies to all services).


Plus an Extra Vision Benefit


Outlook You and each insured member of your family will receive an annual $35 eye exam allowance. In addition, you have access to over 10,500 optical centers offering average discounts of 10% to 50% off the regular retail price of eyeglasses, contact lenses, sunglasses, and corrective surgery, including Lasik, RPK, and more.



How the DENTAL plan works

The plan pays a flat dollar amount per dental procedure based on the fee schedule in your policy. Visit one of our in-network providers for additional savings. We will pay the lesser of the provider’s actual charge or the amount listed on the Schedule of Covered Dental Procedures, subject to policy year deductible, annual maximum, and limitations and exclusions. The following is a partial listing of services available and covered frequencies of services.  Refer to the AlwaysDental Rate Chart for a sampling of covered procedures and schedule amounts.


Services Available

Frequency of Services

No Waiting Period

·  Oral Evaluation

2 times per 12 months

·  Bitewing X-rays

1 time per 12 months

·  Full Mouth X-rays

1 time per 60 months

·  Simple Cleaning

2 times per 12 months

·  Fluoride Treatment

1 time per 12 months up to age 16

No Waiting Period

·  Sealants

1 time per molar per 36 months

·  Space Maintainers

1 per lifetime per arch

·  Fillings

1 time per tooth surface per 24 months

·  Simple Extractions

·  Palliative Emergency Treatment

1 time per 12 months

No Waiting Period

·  Anesthesia*

·  Oral Surgery

·  Endodontics

·  Periodontics

·  Single Tooth Restorations
(Crowns, Inlays, Onlays)

1 time per 7 years per tooth

Prosthodontic (Dentures)
No Waiting Period

·  Fixed Prosthodontics

1 time per 7 years

·  Removable Prosthodontics

1 time per 7 years

·  Prosthodontic Repairs and Adjustments

No Waiting Period

·  In-Network Discounts only


Please Note: See Schedule of Covered Services for a sampling of covered procedures. A full listing of the hundreds of procedures will be provided with your policy. Services and benefits paid vary according to region. This form is not a contract of insurance. Please Note: this is a brief description of the AlwaysDental plan. It should be used only as a guide. It does not contain complete plan details. Terms and conditions, including a complete list of benefits, limitations and exclusions, are defined in the member certificate issued following enrollment in the plan. If questions arise concerning coverage, the subscriber certificate and riders will govern.

*In conjunction with oral surgery subject to review.

AlwaysDental is underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company and administered by AlwaysCare Benefits, Inc. (a Starmount Life Insurance company). In California: AlwaysDental is underwritten by National Guardian Life Insurance Company and administered by Cypress Ancillary Benefits. National Guardian Life Insurance Company is not affiliated with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a.k.a. The Guardian or Guardian Life.

Monthly Premium Rates

Plus a $6 per month Administration Fee


First 3 Digits

of Zip Code

Region 4

900-901, 932

936-939, 952-953

Region 5

902-931, 933-935

940-951, 954-961




  Age 19-39



  Age 40-59



  Age 60-64



  Age 65+



To determine the total rate for the subscriber plus spouse and/or child(ren), simply find the rate for each person and add each person's rate together.  Example: Joe Smith, age 42 would have a rate of $33.23.  If he were to enroll his spouse, Mary age 38, also in Region 4, her rate would be $27.60.  Joe and Mary have two children they wish to enroll, so they would pay one flat rate for all of them, $36.11.  Joe's rate ($33.23) + Mary's rate ($27.60) + Child(ren) rate ($36.11) = $96.94 plus a $6 per month administration fee = $102.94.  For further assistance, please contact us at 800-350-3989 or .


Helpful Forms and Links


Enrollment Form


AlwaysDental Brochure


Savings Examples


Covered Procedure Listing & Scheduled Amounts


Frequently Asked Questions


AlwaysDental Provider Directory


Please send your application and payment information via mail, fax or email to:

Cypress Ancillary Benefits
7510 Shoreline Drive, Suite A-1 
Stockton, CA 95219

Fax 209-478-5614





AVAILABLE      Other Individual & Family Products



Multiflex Dental


Individual, Family and Senior Dental Plan

  • A Comprehensive Dental Insurance Plan created to offer you and your qualified family members the protection and flexibility you need to maintain your winning smile.
  • Various levels of coverage available to fit your needs from a maximum benefit of $500 up to $2,000 per year.
  • Usual and customary (UCR) and PPO plans available.
  • You will be automatically accepted - your coverage begins the month after your application is received.
  • This plan is Free of Networks, so you have the choice to keep your current dentist or select a new one.
  • After you review the list of benefits Multiflex offers you and your family, apply online to begin the application process. Just as soon as you receive your policy, you may begin enjoying the available benefits of the Multiflex Dental Insurance Plan.
  • All members and their spouse, regardless of age, and their children under 19 (23 if a full-time student) can enroll in this comprehensive dental coverage. Please refer to the plan benefits for waiting process.


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New Dental Choice

New Dental Choice offers a new solution to individuals, families and small businesses who want to reduce their dental costs. New Dental Choice is an affordable, high quality, discount dental program that will save you money on ALL dental procedures. This includes saving on routine exams, x-rays and cleanings, as well as fillings, crowns, and even specialty care such as wisdom teeth extractions and root canals. 

You can even save money on cosmetic services such as teeth whitening and braces.. Since there are no enrollment age limits, treatment waiting periods, exclusions or limitations on your savings, sign up today and start saving tomorrow.

  • Save on all dental services all the time
  • Dental history is not a factor
  • Membership activates immediately
  • Also includes cosmetic procedures


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