ASO Services & Features

Cypress ASO Plans:  At-A-Glance: 

When you select a Cypress ASO plan, you’ll enjoy: 

  • Competitive administrative fees. 
  • Designing a plan to meet the unique needs and requests of your employees and their families, including exclusions and limitations. 
  • Determining the out-of-network benefits offered. 
  • Having Cypress Ancillary Benefits handle all administrative functions and services. 
  • Receiving detailed claims reports on a schedule you pre-determine. 
  • Avoiding set-up fees. 

Coverage Features: 
  • EDI capability 

o Ability to provide feeds through an FTP site 

  • Claims Administration 

o Pre-Authorization 

o Claims Adjudication 

o Consultant Review of Complex Claims 

  • Claims Reports 
  • Access to PPO and EPO Discounts 
  • Direct Billing Funding Options 
  • User-Friendly Website

o View Eligibility and Claims 

o Enroll and terminate employees online 

o Find a Dentist 

o Ability to request ID cards 

  • Actuarial/Underwriting Services 

o Claims Analysis 

o Benefit Design Recommendations 

o COBRA rates 

  • Toll-free Customer Service 
  • Enrollment Meeting Support
  • Billing Services