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 About Cypress Dental

Cypress Dental is a provider of ancillary benefits located in Stockton, California. For 40 years, we have provided exceptional dental, vision and life insurance products to thousands of individuals and their families. Our key focus is to make sure that we are true to our word and are accountable to our clients and brokers.



I have worked with Cypress for the past 3 years and the key reason is because beyond their teams quick responses. Their team articulates ideas around how their products can fit within the client’s needs and budget.  Their approach is next level in terms of strategy…its not just about where the rates fall on a spreadsheet.

The Cypress team always do such a fabulous job and exceed our expectations! We know we are taken care of if there is a question or a service issue and you always get back to us promptly.   We also love to see their smiling face when you come and visit us.  Thank you for everything they do – they’re amazing

That’s what’s great about Cypress.  It’s easy to connect with people who know what needs to happen and can get it done quickly and smoothly.

Andrew M, USI Insurance Services

“Working with Cypress and their staff is not only an easy experience but an enjoyable one. They show how much they value their clients and brokers by always offering competitive price, impeccable service and maintaining relationships.”

I place my business where I have faith.  My faith is with Andrew Garnett and his team at Cypress Ancillary Benefits.  In a world of uncertainty, it’s nice to have colleagues you can trust.

Rose Krepelka, Interwest Insurance Chico

WSP Corporate Benefits has been working with Cypress for the past 2-3 years and the services provided us as well as our clients is what sets them apart from most carriers today.  Their willingness to think outside the box to consider new ideas is very refreshing.   The staff at Cypress is so responsive from the CEO on down to the level employee, they are willing to go the extra yard to make sure the client is well taken care of.   I would recommend Cypress to any employer looking for outstanding service, great plan designs, and very competitive rates.

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew Garnett for a number of years, both in his prior positions, as well as in his current role with Cypress Ancillary Benefits.  Andrew is very responsive, knowledgeable and is always the consummate professional. He is a creative problem-solver, works well with our staff, and is an asset for our clients. I would recommend Andrew and Cypress to anyone interested in securing competitive ancillary benefits for their customers.

John Fradelizio, USI Insurance Services

Cypress is a great carrier to work with for my clients. . They are represented by a wonderful gentleman named Philip Holt. Please accept my recommendation of Cypress and Philip, as they are extremely kind, helpful and friendly. I can attest to their caring, thoughtfulness, and ability. I am always completely satisfied with their products and services. Should you wish to contact me, please call 661-706-1878

“If you are an insurance agent that would like a dental insurance company that provides mediocre products with marginal service, then Cypress is not the dental company insurance for you. However, if you want a relationship with a company whose dental plans are second-to-none, along with agent service that stands above all others, then contact Cypress and relax, knowing that you have just entered dental insurance company heaven!!!”

Cypress Ancillary Benefits continues to impress our staff!  The ancillary products should be easy, but unfortunately that’s not always the case.  The team at Cypress always make easier for our staff.